SmartCharge Bayonet LED Bulb



The light bulb has a built-in sensor to determine the state of the switch and will automatically stay on if there is load shedding or a power outage and the light switch is in the ‘ON’ position.

These bulbs provide light for 4 hours when there is a power outage, with a 6 hour charging time to restore it to full brightness.

Technical Specifications:
– Works like a normal bulb
– Ideal replacement for an incandescent bulb
– Long-life up to 40 000 Hrs
– Save up to 80% energy
– High quality, high brightness

Operating instructions:
– The bulb can be used as a normal household bulb and once it is installed it can be turned on/off using the light switch
– The internal lithium battery will be charged whenever the light is set to ‘On’.
– During a power failure or load shedding the bulb will operate as an emergency light and stay lit, as long as the light switch is in the ‘On’ mode.


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